Himmelveil's Mightiest Heroes

Asa's Resignation

Fallout from the Death of the Empress

Puca 13, 2013

Chamber of Kings,

It is with tremendous regret I, Asa Murica, Imperial Grand Knight Marshal, Chief Guardian of Imperial Law, former Captain of the Protectorate, and so-called Hero of Himmelveil, hereby resign my commission as the Imperial Grand Knight Marshal of Himmelveil. I do not decide this rashly or in haste, but rather with great deliberation. In addition, to help keep the peace, I hereby submit myself for revue and trial and whatever punishment the Chamber of Kings sees fit for my role in the tragic murder of the Empress.

It has been brought to my attention that in my absence, an enemy of the Empire, using my visage, has acted with evil and malice aforethought in killing our dearest Issobelle. This deceit cannot be atoned for except by capturing this enemy and holding it accountable for its evil deeds.

I submit, however, the perpetrator was not me, as I have been held captive by the Dragon Lord Onai for the last two months. (Lord Onai’s brother, and Chief Tormentor, Ivereth was slain in my companions’ mad attempt to rescue me.)

This is no excuse. For many saw the man, Asa Murica, coldly slay the Empress. No denial will remove those scars and I will not attempt to do so.

Issobelle’s loss saddens me beyond any expression. I prostrate myself nightly before my god, seeking wisdom and praying forgiveness for enabling this to occur in my name. Such a young life, full of wisdom beyond her years, with beauty fitting a queen, a fine heir to the kingdom, was snatched away too soon. I weep for the Empire’s loss. It’s immeasurable.

In the face of this, I resign my commission. I lay down my sword. My god has granted me my petition to remain a priest in his service, and to this end, I return to that from which I emerged, prepared to war in defense of Himmelveil and the Nameless One. In accordance with this, I have also resigned my commission as the Temple’s Captain of the Protectorate. I have already conversed with the Elders. They understand my decision and concur. I pray now that you do so, too.

By so doing, I dedicate myself wholly to the healing and protection of my friends, allies, and all the citizens of Himmelveil. You will no longer see me wear my armor or wield my sword. If you’ll allow for my remaining free within the city, I will instead dress per my vocation and wear only a shield, symbolizing my change.

I humbly beseech your forgiveness. I ask for your grace. I seek your mercy.

Your humble servant,

Asa Murica



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