Atwood Baines

Steward at the Manor, follower of Asa


Atwood Baines is the senior Steward at the Heroes’ Manor in Himmelveil. He has stewarded the bulk of his adult life and ascended to the elite circles of society. He was recommended for service by Jacques Snow following his revelation as the Aetherial Robin Goodfellow. He was recently available following the death of his previous lord during the War with Hydran. He stepped into service without missing a beat, though the might of his new lord(s) far outdistances any for whom he has previously worked. He has asked for and received to permission to bring aboard his nephew’s son, Vaughn Baldrick to raise up in training.

Atwood is impressed at the overall nature of all within the Manor, but he finds himself drawn to the character and moral certitude of Asa Murica. He often points to Asa and his bearing as examples for young Vaughn.

Hates the way that Caroline Hala dresses and isn’t afraid to tell her.

Level 2 Follower

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Atwood Baines

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