Cadbeg Zimprock


Cadbeg Zimprock has been a member of the Theosian Temple for a long time. It’s been a long road for him, but with consistent prayers and support from the Elders, Cadbeg saw his lifelong wish come true to defend the Temple in times of war. As a skirmishing Paladin, Cadbeg led a small team of Temple warriors within General Talabod’s forces at the battle of Winterbridge. He has since returned to Himmelveil where he supports the Temple. He was part of the guard set out to monitor access to Empress Isobelle’s remains. He is a mentor to Nailla S’Ra one of the Temple Protectorate under his purview. Cadbeg was a regular conversant with Asa Murica as he grew up in the Theosian orphanage, a curiosity among the children, but a man of wisdom and pluck.

Level 4 Follower

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Cadbeg Zimprock

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