Caroline Hala

Captain of the Palace Guard


Caroline previously worked in the Blackwatch. She retired shortly after the Battle of Himmelveil where her partner Rhodes was killed.

Caroline grew up in the Palm of Himmel on a farm owned by her parents. As soon as she was of age, she left farm life to join the military.

Her father was human and was also in the military as well as both of her brothers. Her mother is elven.

During her time in the Blackwatch she made several contacts including Kyn Wrath. Wrath helped her through the death of Rhodes and she has been working for him since she retired from the military. The portion of her mission from Wrath that she is willing to share is keeping Quarrion out of trouble, fondly referred to as babysitting. She frequently sends reports back to Wrath to keep him updated.

Caroline is usually fearless and willing to take initiative. She has a healthy respect for other cultures and religions, despite being atheist herself.

Caroline loves flying above all else. She is not afraid to show off and it is very calming for her.

Caroline Hala

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