Daro Meazor

Bureaucrat in Winterbridge, follower of Asa


Daro Meazor is a human, faithful, secreted among the bureaucrats of Winterbridge. He saw first-hand the devastation of the Hydran occupation, watching his family (wife and two sons, slain while escaping the city). Daro survived the escape, caught on the wrong side of the city wall from them when Hydran forces discovered them and slew them without mercy. He is no fighter and luckily found a place to secret himself until the threat passed and he moved off. He served General Talabod in an administrative capacity during the siege of Winterbridge. He was part of the Theosian Temple in Winterbridge and knew of burgeoning reputation of Asa Murica within its ranks, including the doubtful story of his survival of the Rebirth Chamber. Too astounding to believe, he thought. But then he saw first hand his actions to help relieve the city, destroy Hydran’s presence there, and keep them from using the remains of his destroyed family for nefarious purposes outside the grace of the Nameless One. Since the end of the War with Hydran, he has positioned himself within the rebuilding Winterbridge government, keeping eyes and ears open for the Theosian Temple, looking for any signs of dissent from within.

Level 3 Follower

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Daro Meazor

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