Fallar Pyrce

Manor Security and Bodyguard, follower of Asa


Fallar Pyrce (pronounced “pierce”) is a half-elf paladin and part of the Manor’s security team. He acts as a shadow and bodyguard of Asa when he has business in and around Himmelveil. He was devastated at the revelation of the impostor Asa and immediately offered his resignation. It was denied as he was far from the only one. He vowed to be more diligent in the future and to create a secret “safe word” with Asa upon his return to verify his identity. He came to the Manor highly recommended by his bosses at a merchant security service and is happy he’s there. He’s paid well, threats are few, and Asa is a man of integrity it is his honor to serve.

Level 3 Follower

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Fallar Pyrce

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