Fulmon Rog

City Guard in Himmelveil, Warden, follower of Asa


Fulmon Rog is a city guard and warden of Himmelveil. He works on the same beat as Earl Doubler and they are often considered “partners in crime.” They are a bit of comic relief for the other wardens, but it doesn’t diminish the seriousness at which they complete their duties. Fulmon is older. Is he wiser? He thinks so and frequently attempts to pass that wisdom on to Earl to help the young man move up the ranks. It hasn’t worked thus far. He fought ably, though, during the Battle of Himmelveil and in the War with Hyrdan. Fulmon reports to his unit commander Tru Naska.

Stories of Asa Murica and his prowess run wild within the corps of the Wardens. He walked by Fulmon once and greeted him kindly. It was enough to make him say he “would follow that man to the gates of Hell.” Earl agreed. Neither has yet to get past the gates of Himmelveil.

Level 2 Follower

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Fulmon Rog

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