Gulin Votai

Minor Lord of Himmelveil, Follower of Asa


Gulin Votai is a minor lord of Himmelveil. He had some paladin training in his youth when he had more ardor for crusading and the enthusiasms of the Nameless One. He has since dedicated himself to pursuing those ends through diplomatic means leaving the sword behind. Nevertheless, his religious devotion was reawakened with the news and renown of Asa Murica, cleric of Himmelveil, reborn through the power of the Nameless One, Hero of Himmelveil. He often works with Radra Inanua as her “man on the inside” of the political machinery, promoting Asa and the Theosian Temple.

Level 5 Follower

Inspired by NPC link below, though more aristocrat than paladin:


Gulin Votai

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