Jermyn Greymantle

War Priest, Protectorate of Temple in Winterbridge, follower of Asa


Jermyn Greymantle is a dwarven war priest and part of the Protectorate of the Theosian Temple in Winterbridge. He comes from a family of war priests for the Nameless One, including his wife Gleryn Greymantle and father Dersik Greymantle. The three of them, together, were key participants in holding firm against the forays of the Hydran undead during the Siege of Winterbridge. Their fortitude was well-served by witnessing the evidence of Asa Murica and his companions at the Necropolis. The Greymantles were tasked with the cleansing and reaffirming of the cemetery and dead remaining there.

Level 2 Follower

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Jermyn Greymantle

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