Kalla Farro

Townsperson of Winterbridge, follower of Asa


Kalla Farro is a townsperson of Winterbridge. She escaped capture at Winterbridge while attending the wedding of her sister Jade on the day of the Hydran invasion. (Also: brother-in-law, Visir Kez.) She volunteered to assist with General Talabod’s armies during the Siege of WInterbridge, assisting mainly with mundane tasks like running errands, assisting with provisions, attending to the injured, and other non-combat duties.

Kalla’s sister Drea’s persistence and the evidence of Asa Murica’s role in the defeat of the demonic Hydran forces helped strengthen her devotion to the Nameless One. The family often regales one another with the stories of Asa at family gatherings though it does sometimes feel like “too much.”

Level 2 Follower

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Kalla Farro

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