Nailla S'Ra

Battle Cleric from the Theosian Temple, follower of Asa


Nailla S’Ra is a human battle cleric associated with and working for the Theosian Temple in Himmelveil. As part of the Protectorate, she’s been part of the temple guard during the Battle of Himmelveil and she was marshaled to Winterbridge for healing services post-War with Hydran. Devastated at the death of the Empress she immediately stepped forward to guard the Empress’ remains once they were delivered to the Temple and barely left her post in the intervening days. She was doubly devastated at the accusation and belief that Asa murdered her, wavering slightly before convincing herself Asa could never commit such treason. She was then among the most steadfast of her fellow protectorate. She is under the purview of Cadbeg Zimprock, her mentor and advisor at the Temple.

Level 4 Follower

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Nailla S'Ra

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