Onyx Bellemare

Squire of Asa Murica


Onyx Bellemare is the Squire of Asa Murica, assigned to apprenticeship by the Theosian Temple. He is a young man, enthusiastic about his future both as a paladin and as a man — especially with one such as Asa Murica to pattern himself after. He is mainly tasked with handling and maintaining Asa’s armor and other equipment both at the Manor and when travelling. He resides in the Heroes’ Manor. He’s often awed by the sights of the renowned Heroes of Himmelveil but mostly succeeds at reining in his emotional displays. He is dutiful and faithful to both Asa and the Nameless One. He’s a willing aide to any who ask for help at the Manor.

Level 3 Follower

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Onyx Bellemare

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