Wolf of the Empire


A human fighter, a bastard from House Holleth, Wolf of the Empire.


Galon still has nightmares, in which he can still remember the dragons for the fearsome foes they really were. It’s been two thousand years since he first died, and while he may not remember that life anymore, that life was his best. He made a promise once, and he intends to keep it.

When the man Himmel raised up against the dragons he rallied many behind him, those who were the greatest became the Kings and Queens of the empire. Galon was there from the start, a young man full of hope and pride and a strong arm swore his allegiance to the cause. To be a squire to those who would be kings is a great honor, and he did it with pride. Each morning he would feed the animals, groom them, polish swords and armor, and do all he could. He was never given a weapon himself, as he was never a knight. But he never seemed to need one, when the animal were attacked by a pack of wolves he beat them back on his own. With his hands dripping with blood and even his teeth stained red. The elven and dwarven squires looked at him strangely after that but it was what caused Himmel to first refer to him as “MY wolf”. (see: Wetting the Teeth)

While Galon was never a knight, he was always a trusted friend to Himmel and some of his companions. When the Empire was founded he wasn’t sitting at the table, but he was in the room standing behind Himmel, with Himmels sword sheathed at his side. He learned to pay attention to great men and women, and when they went to war, he watched them do what it takes to put a foe down for good. When Himmel had his first child Galon promised his master “I will always protect your children, as I am your wolf, I will be theirs. Only when I draw breath for the last time will I ever stop serving and protecting them.”

It was during this time that Galon was lent to Oberron along with, Robin, Creed and Frey. Galon returned from this adventure with Frey as his wife, and with a distrust of Creed.. They had adopted two elven children whose parents were lost to war in the exodus. (see: The Dog’s Bark)

The Empire was founded, and the companions mostly went their seperate ways. Galon and his family stayed in Himmelveil, to protect Himmels seat of power.

He watched Himmel’s and his own children get older over time, as they got older he sat in on their classes and would spar with them when their other teachers couldn’t make it. When Himmel’s youngest son was born, Galon was already an aging man.

When Himmel was close to dying Galon made sure all of his masters affairs were in order. One on the final requests was one that shocked and honored Galon. He was officially titled “The wolf of the empire” the first to hold the title, an honorific he held with pride.

Himmel passed on and Galon stayed by Himmels children for as long as he could stand. They started calling him “old wolf” and he smiled whenever he heard it.

By the time Himmels youngest was a man into and of himself he had begun to view him as his own surrogate son. When the first attempt at regicide happened Galon protected all the heirs but it was while defending the youngest heir that he knew he wouldn’t survive another day. When he saw his father amongst the saboteurs Galon fought too hard, from the wounds of the battle and the stress on his own heart he passed away, a smile on his face knowing he kept his promise to Himmel. Each heir gave a gift to be buried with, the oldest gave hima wolf pommeled sword, the first he had ever been gifted, the second a dwarven spiked gauntlet made to look like a wolfs paw, the third an elven burial cloak, the first item to ever have the sigil of the wolf of the empire, the fourth gave an amulet, with a lock of all five heirs hair, the fifth gave a signet ring, that was cooled in his own blood. His old friend Robin, gave a helmet shaped to look like a wolves head.

When Galon next woke up he was back in the body of his youth, unaware of exactly where he was he stumbled through the darkness and found himself shortly on the city streets of the capital. Dazed and confused he saw the city was under attack he lept into the fray and with the knowledge of an aged tactician and the body of his youth he quickly made short work of the goblinoid attackers. It was only when he faced one of their Worgs that he faced a challenge. Grappling the Worg to the ground he eventually was able to overpower it and sank his teeth into its throat and ripped.

An old dwarf approached Galon and said it had been almost a century since he saw someone fight like that. With the dwarfs aide he managed to be allowed entrance into the house of nobles. He approached the youngest heir, and explained all he knew. That night they stayed up late unto the night discussing exactly what they could do.

A conspiracy was hatched, Galon would masquerade himself as the heirs bastard, so that he could continue to serve the throne with honor and distinction, but he would never be in threat to the actual heirs. As the years and centuries passed each of the heirs of the house was informed of Galon’s secret, with only the heirs and their spouses knowing the truth. Galon would die a hundred times, but would always come back eventually, in the crypts of the house. Each time he would be declared a bastard of the house, and would use a new name. When news of the death of the last wolf of the empire reached the capitol, he would be declared the wolf of the empire again, and continue his legacy.

Galon returned for a time to live with Frey, and their adoptive children but Creed put an end to that happiness, killing Frey, as she and Galon protected their children. Galon begged Oberron for help, and he took away Frey to Avalon, Robin agreed to watchover his children, as he had to return to protecting the Empire, as well as start the long task of tracking down his father.

He made a promise to an old friend once, that he would serve until he draws his last breath. He draws hope that one day, the empire will have its peace, and then, when he dies again, he will find peace in the nameless gods presence, with his wife at his side.


(see: Wolves and Roses) (see: Bad Wolf) (see: Rise up)


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