Asa Murica

The Once Nameless Orphan Who Has Found His Name and His Place


Asa’s Story

The boy’s mother and father (Margaret and Stephen) lived in the poor area of Himmelveil. His father was a patriot to the empire, but was without steady work and the family often had to scrounge to get by. When he could, he worked as a helper or unskilled laborer to any smithy or work crew who would hire him. His mother worked as maid to the more affluent of the lower classes, but only after the boy was old enough to start school.

Schooling never began, however, as the boy was forced to get out onto the streets of Himmelveil to scrounge and beg to help support the family. He occasionally even stole from the stands in the market, but only when the need was most desperate.

He was a small and frail boy, so his efforts at begging brought more sympathy than some of the other urchins, though none of them were overly successful. The guards were attentive in the noble district and when they were motivated to roust them out of the markets, the boy was typically the slowest of the children and easily caught.

When the boy was 7 years old, his father never returned home. His mother made inquiries, but she never received satisfactory answers. She heard rumor of an accident on a logging trail outside of the city where Stephen had been working, but she could never confirm he was there that day nor for whom he toiled.

Margaret never recovered from the loss. She grew lethargic and depressed and stopped working. The boy worked hard to “earn” more around the city, but his efforts to help his mother went for naught. She grew thin, frail, and sickly. Within 1 year she died in her bed.

The boy had no brothers or sisters.

The boy had no other family to speak of.

When the authorities discovered the deaths, they did nothing. There was no care or concern for any leftovers of the ruined families of the poor. They simply cleared the shanty for the next tenants and expected no one would ever return.

So the boy continued to beg. He grew bolder, as he had to in order to survive on the streets. This made him a more regular presence in the noble district. One day, following a botched swipe of an apple from a cart, the merchant yelled for the authorities. The boy moved to run when a strong, firm hand grabbed his arm and held him still. Cowering, he looked up to see an older man in a robe standing over him. The robe was unadorned and simple; there was a peaceful, empathetic and sad smile on the man’s face. The man turned to the merchant, offered him a coin and an apology. The merchant scowled, but calmed down and moved on to his other customers.

The man shepherded the boy away from the cart and they walked through the streets. He began by asking him about his parents, but the boy stayed mute. He didn’t have much to say; nor did he want to speak to this stranger. He thought about trying to sprint away, but the man kept a constant hand on his shoulder. It wasn’t painful, just present and he was uncertain if he could break away. The man introduced himself as Elder Mathias, a priest at the Temple of the Nameless One. The boy knew nothing of religion or any such things and continued to not speak. But he didn’t run.

As they continued to walk, he sensed something pure from the priest, something truthful. He believed that this man believed in the things he said, that he was pure of heart. And before the boy understood what had happened, the priest had led him to that very temple.

The boy was frightened as the priest attempted to lead him inside and he resisted. The priest, smiling down on him, sat on the stone stairs of the entrance and motioned for the boy to sit beside him. He grudgingly complied, glad he did not have to go inside.

It was still mid-morning in the city and they did not have to wait long before another priest exited the temple. Elder Mathias stood up and stepped to the side to speak with the priest, motioning for the boy to stay put and never turning away from him. The other priest turned back inside and returned a few minutes later with a third man. Elder Mathias introduced the new priest (the second man hurried away on his previous business). This man was Elder Jonah and he began again with the questions.

The boy continued to not answer, but the priests presumed from the way he fidgeted or averted his eyes that he had no family, no mother or father, and no home. With confidence, then, they spoke to him of the Orphanage of the Nameless One. The boy tensed. He had heard rumors of this place on the street from the other children, and nothing good. He wondered if these were simply tales the boys told to scare the other boys, especially if they were trying to bully the younger ones or act brave. But the boy didn’t want to go. Almost as if they knew what he was thinking, they asked him if he wanted to stay. He could walk away now, if he desired, but they hoped he would not. They would not force him to stay.

This was new. No one had ever asked him what he thought. The priests continued and told him about regular meals, warm places to sleep, schooling and training. He could learn any number of skills. He could even learn how to heal and care for the sick. At that, the boy teared up, thinking of his mother and inability to help her. He thought that maybe this was his opportunity to atone for that failure and to keep it from happening again. With a tear spilling down his cheek, he nodded slowly and assented to go with Elder Jonah to the Orphanage of the Nameless One.

The boy was 8 years old. He never told anyone his name.

The boy excelled in school and was a quick learner in all aspects of the church and its teachings. He remained nameless through his advancement and graduation, including his eventual holy orders. In this he was stubborn. He was a new person since the day he encountered Elder Mathias in the market. It was true Providence. He would not waste it and he would wait until the Lord saw fit to grant him his new name.

The boy learned to read and write in school at the Orphanage of the Nameless One and he slowly dispensed with the behavior common to the urchins of Himmelveil. He was behind some of the younger children in the Orphanage, and as embarrassing as this might have been, he took it as a challenge and quickly caught up. This commitment to learning the craft of the priesthood and healing via channeling the powers of the Nameless One quickly advanced him through the schools.

In school, he befriended only a single boy. His name was James and he was the only one who accepted the boy’s silence and privacy. He still spoke with him, laughed with him, told him stories of his own time on the street and how he ended up here. James was a confident and gregarious boy, friendly with most of the other students and his friendship of the boy in many ways protected him from the eyes and jabs of the other students who found him odd and unapproachable. And he knew he would not remain here and told the boy as much. When the time was right he would leave. He was meant for other things.

He never told the boy when he planned to leave. The boy simply showed up one day for studies and he was gone. He never saw him again.

The only other friend the boy had at the school was Elder Mathias. He was not a teacher at the school, but he stopped by from time to time to say hello and look in on the boy. He held some tutoring sessions and saw his potential. He encouraged the boy’s growth and shepherded him, guiding him into deeper knowledge of the Nameless One, the priesthood, the Temple, and its history.

As other students, as other orphans came and went, the boy remained, progressing to the point where he was eventually asked to become an acolyte at the Temple, where his education in these areas took off.

This work as an acolyte was the first professional work the boy ever did.

The boy became a young man and poured himself into his education, his training, and his vocation. He was a devoted prayer warrior, and he became skilled at handling a prayer service, breaking down the walls of his self-imposed silence, learning to speak with power and meaning. He spoke with the penitents; he studied the history of the worship of the Nameless One throughout the realm.

The young man also spent some time developing his interest in alchemy, though he never found the same passion for this as with his priestly studies.

It was during this time, on Grimmwinter 27, 2013 the young priest received an invitation while conducting devotions at the Temple of the Nameless One to attend a meeting at the behest of a dwarf named Krod. He had met this dwarf previously and owed him a favor. Krod had helped the young man procure some materials for a project at the Orphanage but demanded no payment. The only payment he would receive was that of a favor to be owed. It seemed that payment had come due.

At the rendezvous, the young priest met a varied bunch of people. He perceived them to be adventurers, and all in the same debt to Krod. There was an elven archer named Natasha, an assassin named Ygritte, a barbarian named Irec, and a young wizard named Quarion.

They began an adventure together and remained companions, if not friends, since that night.

Before beginning his adventures with this group, the young priest had never been outside of the city of Himmelveil.

Early in their adventuring together, the group was required to compete in combat to the death in a gladiatorial arena. They had mistakenly given away a prized treasure and the Himmelveil Thieves’ Guild required compensation. The gambling that would come from their anticipated success would help ease that burden.

During one fight, the last remaining combatant laid down his arms and surrendered. Ygritte moved to finish him. The young priest stepped up, however, and swung his bow staff to intercept her spiked chain. There was a brief confrontation as the priest held his ground in an effort to protect the man. Ygritte relented, but seemed to begrudge his preventing the murder. She kept him at a distance after that.

Following these adventures, the group of adventurers became popularly known as The Avengers of Himmelveil.

The group itself came to rely upon the priest during their adventures, but they also somewhat resented his reliance on his faith and the power of the Nameless One. This created some small moments of discord when morally questionable activity was put before them and he resisted.

He had come a long way from his time in the streets. He had wholeheartedly embraced the power of the Nameless One. The Lord was his guide and the young priest put his whole self before Him. He began his ascent, foregoing his previous neutrality in a pursuit of the lawful and the good at the heart of being in the service of the Nameless One.

Following the initial adventures in the gladiatorial arena, the Nameless One spoke to the priest in a dream. It was a simple message: “You shall be called Asa. For you are my physician. My healer.” He woke in tears. The next morning, he presented himself before Elder Mathias for the acknowledgement and approval of the temple. It was received with joy and he was officially recorded in the History of the Temple.

Asa took his time revealing this to the group, as he still considered it a private matter, but once they knew, the readily accepted it and thankfully refrained from calling him “No name.”

Other companions came and went as Asa continued spending time adventuring away from the Temple. He continued experiencing more and more of the outside world and the evils which lay without.

He met a pessimistic dwarf named Mirren who spoke of and seemingly sought his own death. Asa was never convinced he meant it until the one day he never returned to the team. Asa prayed the Nameless One would accept Mirren’s service as sacrifice enough and wished him well in his absence.

There was another man, a militaristic adventurer with ties to the Empire named Clay. His commitment to duty and right connected him immediately to Asa who believed him to be his first true friend since James left the Orphanage. When Clay died out in the wilderness, it was a brutal shock to Asa. He didn’t know how to move forward, except to honor his friend’s wishes and return his body to the Empress. He would be greatly missed.

A stranger named Henri traveled with the group for a short while, helping the team return to Himmelveil. He was a friendly monk, who claimed he was mapping the realm. Following the fight to cease the dragonic invasion of Himmelveil, he went his own way and has not been seen since.

Prior to this adventure, two elves joined Asa and his companions. A man named Thunor and his fiancée Syen. They kept to themselves, but there was more to their story. Asa was sure of it. Though this was true of them all. They each had their secrets. Only time would tell if those secrets would break up the team or if they would help them grow closer.

What followed the Battle of Himmelveil was an awakening of sorts for Asa. The team had been hailed as heroes by the Empress, the city elders and the people. His friends saw the change which resulted but this is the first time this story will be shared in its entirety.

The first two weeks after the battle of Himmelveil were hectic to say the least. The Temple became the center for care and healing in the city and the surrounding area. Temple priests and clerics work around the clock to heal and help whoever they can. Those who are beyond their care, they see to their last rites. Asa worked in the Temple in the thick of it, and with his recent rise to fame, the other priests of his order defer to his suggestions and commands, often coming to him to solve the problems that arise rather than going to the Elders. During the third week, one of the Temple Elders approached Asa, asking: “May I have a moment of your time?”

“Certainly, Elder Ekrine. What can I do for you?”

The Elder led Asa on a walk through some of the lesser traveled halls of the Temple. “Tell me, have you ever heard of the Rebirth Chamber?”

“One often hears rumors of things, Elder, but I have not heard of that before.”

“There is a temple in the mountains, a shrine really, to a great healer. The chamber is said to be the resting place of a great servant of the Nameless One, who grants to each who enter it and are found worthy the power they need to overcome the obstacles that stand before them.” The Elder explained, “With the Battle of Himmelveil behind us, the Empire is weakened. We can no longer rely upon the Empress’ military to protect the temples and the people. Her forces have been decimated. So the Elders and I have been discussing the activation of something called the Protection Protocols. Each of us Elders will choose a champion, and after their time in the Rebirth Chamber, they shall be tasked with the protection of the Empire, the temples, and the people. We are to announce our candidates by noon tomorrow. And I have come to ask you, are you willing to be named my champion?”

Asa was nonplused. Slowly, he found words to respond. “Elder. You do me great honor.

“I must confess, though I do not regret the role I’ve played and the righteousness of our cause, I haven’t kept the noblest of company and I am not proud of all of my actions. Uncertain lines have been crossed. I wonder if our success has clouded the general opinion of my character. The glory is enticing and I fear that I cannot resist its pull.

“However, if you believe I would bring honor and respect to you and the Temple, I will, with your blessing and your promise to steadfastly keep me in your prayers, be your champion.”

The Elder was pleased at Asa’s acceptance and a slight smile came upon his visage. “Do not worry about the company you keep. Healers, both physical and spiritual, often find themselves surrounded by those who have need of them. And there is no need for improvement in that which is already whole.” The Elder smiled more broadly. “I should warn you that in the event that you are not found worthy…. Well, those who are not found worthy seldom leave the chamber.” The Elder’s meaning was fairly clear, but he elaborated. “To enter the chamber is to put your life in the hands of the Nameless One. Are you still willing to be named my champion?”

“I am humbled, Elder. I accept.” Asa dropped to one knee before him and bowed his head. “I ask for your blessing in the trial ahead and pray that I will prove worthy to represent the Temple and the Nameless One in such a task.”

The Elder placed a hand on Asa’s head and prayed over him, asking that he show courage and strength of character in the face of trial. When he finished he gestured for Asa to rise. “Go and rest. You will need your strength. Tomorrow, noon, come to the sanctuary. We elders shall present our champions and your pilgrimage will begin.”

“Thank you, Elder. I will, indeed, rest. Rest and pray; and I will see you in the sanctuary at noon tomorrow.

“Be blessed, Elder.”

The rest of that day passed uneventfully, and when the time comes for the meeting the next day Asa found several of his fellow priests and members of the temple, of various orders, gathering. There are twelve elders in the temple and eleven other champions chosen who have gathered in the courtyard when the Elders come forward.

“You all know why you have been summoned here. You are all to take part in the pilgrimage to the Chamber of Rebirth. There you will be tested, you will be tried, and if the Nameless One sees fit, you will be given the gifts you need to be named Protectors of the Temple and of the land. May the Nameless One be with you on your journey, and guide your steps along His path.”

With that blessing, the Protectors are dismissed, to be led on their pilgrimage by Elder Ekrine.

Asa fell in at a respectful place, deferring to his Elder and his fellow champions as they proceeded to the Rebirth Chamber. Asa was the only cleric amongst them, the only priest. The remaining champions were paladins or temple guards.

The road led onward until they came to a bridge over a canyon. At the start of the bridge stood a man in brass armor. “This is a challenge of the mind,” explained Elder Ekrine. “Each of you must answer a riddle in order to proceed. Those of you who cannot must return home.”

One by one the men go forward to receive their riddle. When it comes to Asa’s turn the man in the armor asks, “If I drink, I die. If I eat, I grow. What am I?”

Considering the riddle for a moment, Asa replies, “Fire.”

“Correct.” The Brass Knight smiles. “You may pass.” He stands aside. All told, eleven of twelve champions solve their riddles; only one is unable to answer. Tearfully, but respectfully, he returns down the road from whence they came. Elder Ekrine led the way as the group approached a tunnel.

A knight in glinting sliver armor stood at the entrance to the cavern’s maw. “Before you lay a choice. The sword or the shield. Which do you choose?”

Asa replied without hesitation, “I choose the shield.”

“You have chosen well. Walk the path that you chose and do not stray from it and it shall go well for you.” The Silver Knight turned aside. The other champions made their choices as well and as they entered the tunnel they came to a fork. A stone bearing a sword and a stone bearing a shield mark the two paths. Some of the champions veer off and take the path of the sword. Some take the path of the shield, with Asa. Altogether, the party is now six, plus Elder Ekrine.

The group followed the passage and came back to the surface. They made camp, but did not see the others. Elder Ekrine confirmed that those who took the path of the sword exited where they entered and have been sent to return home.

The next day a march began and the remaining champions came to the shrine which had been built around the chamber. It was a single-room sanctuary with the statues of the patrons and matrons of the temples circling a sealed door. Elder Ekrine stepped forward and solemnly begins speaking.

“If any of you should choose to turn back now, there is no shame in that. The Chamber of Rebirth may make you anew, or it may consume you. Step forward only if you are willing.”

Three more champions turned back here and remained outside the shrine, their last minute indecision turning to fear. Another, a brash paladin, stepped forward to be first. Ekrine opened the door. He entered and Ekrine sealed it behind him. There was a noise, a rumbling and a shaking of the earth, and then a silence. The seal flashed with light and Ekrine shook his head. “He was weighed and measured, and found wanting. Are you still willing?” He looked to Asa.

“I am willing, Elder,” Asa replied. “I will submit.”

Elder Ekrine nodded and opened the door for Asa. The room beyond was dark, but as the door closed a light beaded before him. Asa heard a quiet murmuring, growing louder into a rumble and then a gentle voice. “I know you.” The light transformed into a humanoid shape, looking down upon him. “You serve Him. You act as a beacon. Why?”

Trembling, Asa answered. “My life is not my own. I am here only because of His grace and mercy. I would serve Him wrongly if I did not act with obedience and humility. Being an example of His light in this place. I know no other worthy purpose.”

The being stepped closer to Asa. “There is blood on your hands. Why?”

“My road has brought death. I cannot deny it and will not offer excuses. I only pray for His forgiveness and ask for His guidance to offer me the opportunity to heal his servants who hurt, to protect those who would do His will, and defeat those who would bring Him ruin.”

He considered Asa’s words for a moment. “What is your greatest strength?”

“My willingness to sacrifice myself for my God and my cause and the wisdom to know when to walk away or when to intervene.”

“What would you ask of Him?”

“That He grant me the strength to withstand the temptations of this world, the wisdom to know His will, and the guidance to go wherever He needs me.”

“It is His will that you be his Champion. That you lead those around you by example. And show His light in your actions, your words, and your thoughts. Will you do this?”

“I will.” Asa knelt before the being. “It is my humble honor to serve Him and His people in this way.”

There was an intense flash of light and a holy fire burned through Asa. He found himself changing. It was filled with pain, excruciating pain as his limbs twist and flesh bubbled. It seemed to last for hours, but in truth lasted only moments. When the fire leaves him, he is changed.

Asa’s limbs were thicker, his stature taller, his skin younger and vibrant. The being before Asa nodded solemnly. “You have survived your ordeal. You have been reborn. Go, and do that which you have promised. And here.” He presented to Asa a gleaming bastard sword with this inscription: “His light shall shine in the darkness” on one side and the phrase “Sword of Asa” on the other.

“Lord,” Asa said, “I am honored to be so blessed. I pray that I do Your will and obey You always. Thank you.”

The room darkened and the being faded into the darkness. The sword immediately began to glow in Asa’s hand, slowly at first, and then brightly, illuminating the chamber around him. The seal on the door is opened and Ekrine smiles from beyond it. “I’m proud of you.” He gestured for Asa to exit the chamber.

Elder Ekrine led Asa away from the chamber a short distance before turning to the remaining paladin. As he turned there was a sharp yell and the paladin fell to earth, an arrow piercing the back of his skull. Another arrows flew into their midst, sinking into Elder Ekrine’s shoulder. The old man screamed in pain. Archers and swordsmen burst through the door and rushed into the shrine weapons drawn and ready to fight. The light of Asa’s sword pulsed with energy.

Asa moved to Elder Ekrine, taking a defensive posture against the intruders.

The soldiers fired arrows at Asa, two positioned at the door while another two advanced towards him swinging their swords. Asa moved into battle with new and instinctive grace. He felt the changes within and overflowed with their new strength and power.

Asa ran towards the nearest soldier his shield raised in front of him. He pushed through the first of the soldiers knocking him backwards and down. Asa stepped over him to the back line and the archers turned and ran. Asa turned, bashing the other swordsman unconscious.

With the soldiers knocked out or in flight, Asa returned to Elder Ekrine’s side and attended to his wounds as best he could. But he was beyond a healer’s aid. The arrow wound was dark, green and a cancerous rot had already begun to spread through the deadening flesh. This same rot infected the other paladins struck down by the men. The two enemy swordsmen regained consciousness and a foam with the same dark green rot appeared around the edges of their mouths. Unable to speak, the only hint of their allegiance is a crest upon their armor: a black skull above the tentacles of a kraken upon a field of green.

Asa grabbed the neckline of the armor of the first swordsman he could reach. Angrily, he yelled, “Who sent you?! What prompted this attack?!”

The man smiled. His eyes rolled back into his head and he uttered his last words. “Cut off one head…” and he spoke no more. Death surrounded Asa. Elder Ekrine and the other paladin were dead. The swordsmen were dead. The archers had fled. Asa was alone. The Elder’s eyes stared at Asa without sight.

Weeping, Asa picked up the limp body of Elder Ekrine and began his walk back to the Temple.

It took two days to complete the trek. He was greeted by the guards who did not recognize Asa, but recognized Elder Ekrine dead in his arms. “Is he…?” They bowed their heads, but retained enough composure to help Asa transfer the Elder to a cot and carry him to the Temple.

When they arrived, another elder came forward to greet Asa. “What happened?” He looked at Asa. “Asa? There was not supposed to be any danger to Elder Ekrine. What happened at the shrine?”

“Elder, the trouble was with the trial, but only after it was complete. We were ambushed by henchmen and this is the result. I am unfamiliar with the poison used to kill Elder Ekrine. It put him beyond my power to repair. It should be studied and a defense discovered. It has been two days’ journey since the encounter and I have seen no further sign of the villains.” Asa reached into his pack and revealed the crest to the elder. “They were wearing this symbol and one swordsman said as he died, ‘Cut off one head.’ Have you any knowledge of from where they come?”

A look of concern crossed the elder’s face as he considered the matter. “It is the crest of a noble family in Amstern. House Hydran. It seems that the man was referencing the beast from which the family takes their name.”

“Have they a cause against the Temple or Elder Ekrine?”

“No. At least not that I am aware. That they should strike out against us is troubling indeed. We know that the other cities in the empire have begun to stir against the Empire since the Battle of Himmelveil. There is unrest, and fear, spreading like a cancer throughout the Empire. Tell me, how many protectors were able to survive the ordeal?”

“Only me, Elder. The others were not killed, to my knowledge, but sent on their way. I was the only one who finished.”

“Hmm…” He seemed troubled. “They have not returned. But it is likely that they sought not to return here for fear of shame.” He nodded. “We will hold services for Elder Ekrine tomorrow. And I hereby name you Captain of the Temple Knights. To lead them should we find ourselves in a time of war.” The elder gestured to Asa. “For now, your work is done. Go and rest. I will inform the guard of these events.”

“Thank you, Elder. I will retire to my chambers to rest, repair, and pray. I will be there if you need me.”

Asa’s new form was a marvel for the members of the priesthood as well as the temple guard. Even Elder Mathias was moved. And where there had previously been doubt or misgiving about his upward rise through the hierarchy, Asa was now revered and accepted. He was listened to and not doubted. Evidence of the Nameless One’s hand in the future of Himmelveil. A true soldier for the Lord.

Thus ends the tale of Asa’s rebirth.


• Before beginning his adventures with this group, Asa had never been outside of the city of Himmelveil.

Group Dynamic
• On Grimmwinter 27, 2013 a young priest received an invitation while conducting devotions at the Temple of the Nameless One to attend a meeting at the behest of a dwarf named Krod. He had met this dwarf previously and owed him a favor. Krod had helped Asa procure some materials for a project at the Orphanage in exchange for a favor to be owed. Payment had come due.
• At the rendezvous, the young priest met a varied bunch of people, an elven archer named Natasha, an assassin named Ygritte, a barbarian named Irec, and a young wizard named Quarion.
• They began an adventure together and remained companions, if not friends, since that night.

Possible Conflicts
• Ygritte – early in their adventuring together, the group was required to compete in combat to the death in a gladiatorial arena. During one fight, the last remaining combatant laid down his arms and surrendered. Ygritte moved to finish him. The priest stepped in and swung his bow staff to intercept her spiked chain. There was a brief confrontation as the priest held his ground in an effort to protect the man. Ygritte relented, but seemed to begrudge the situation. She seemed to keep him at a measured distance after that.
• Group, generally – As a priest and healer, and subsequently a paladin, his neutral to lawful good disposition has presented an opportunity to create discord over morally questionable activity.

• A devotee and priest of the Nameless One.
• He no longer abides evil or the purposeful destruction of life or property, though this has been a steady transition over the time the group has known one another.

• Asa began his education late. He began learning to read and write in school at the Orphanage of the Nameless One, beginning when he was 8 years old.
• He had ground to make up on some of the younger children, but there were others his age and he quickly caught up. His commitment to learning the craft of the priesthood and healing via channeling the powers of the Nameless One quickly advanced him through the school.
• As others came and went, he progressed to the point where he was asked to become an acolyte at the temple, where his education in these areas took off.

• Asa began his professional work as an acolyte in the Temple of the Nameless One, ultimately becoming a priest there.

• In the orphanage, there was one boy who Asa became good friends with named James. He did not follow Asa into the priesthood, and when he left the orphanage Asa never saw him again.
• He maintained a student-mentor friendship with Elder Mathias, who continued to shepherd and guide him into deeper knowledge of the Nameless One, the priesthood, the Temple, and its history.

• Prayer, Oratory, Priesthood, History of Religion – Asa poured himself into his schooling and his vocation, becoming a devoted prayer warrior, skilled at handling a prayer service, speaking to the penitents, and studying the history of the worship of the Nameless One throughout the realm of Himmel.
• Alchemy – Asa has studied some aspects of alchemy, though he does not have the same passion for this as his priestly studies.
Primary Motivation
• Being a devoted priest and follower of the Nameless One.
• Defeating evil in the empire.
• Promoting the Nameless One to the lost and seeking.

Romantic History
• There are aspects of attraction and love which call to Asa, but his devotion to the Nameless One has never permitted him the opportunity to pursue it.
• During his youth, he had brief dalliances or stolen kisses on the streets, but they were never more than experimental or simply to avoid being teased by the other street kids.
• He maintains a respectful distance from all of his companions to prevent any misconstrued behavior.
• He would be open to pursuing a relationship if the timing and other responsibilities allowed for it.

• Anyone evil.

• The Temple of the Nameless One – Since taking him in as a youth, they have cared for him, educated him, and provided for his every need. He owes them his all.

Military History
• All of Asa’s military experience has been with his companions, subsequent to the start of his adventuring. Very casual at first, it is now very much with interaction with and direction from the leadership of the armies of the Empire.

Tragic Moment
• The death of Asa’s parents was quite tragic. They mystery and uncertainty surrounding the death of his father and the subsequent depression, illness and death of his mother. That inability to care for her and nurse her to health was a primary motivation to accept the invitation of the Elder’s into their Orphanage.

Happiest Moment
• Learning to read and write.
• Healing his first illness.
• Becoming a priest.

Personality Aspects
Alignment: Lawful Neutral —> Lawful Good
Disposition: Confident to (hopefully) just short of arrogance; unstoppable.
Moodiness: 5; very even-keeled, but can erupt in moments of wrath when faced with the purest of evil and moments of overflowing power when channeling the glory of the Nameless One.
Extroverted in leadership & confidence, but willing to defer for the needs of the group.
Generally optimistic: Asa may momentarily feel overwhelmed with the amount of evil in the world, but generally believes in the Nameless One’s ability to make things right.
Integrity: Asa has a strong sense of right and wrong and is dedicated to pursuing those ends with all of himself.
Impulsive when faced with evil and if his friends are in desperate need.
Bold always, except when in prayer or performing his priestly duties.
Stubborn at times, as Asa is sure of the rightness of his causes. He doesn’t always see how this is interpreted by others, though he generally tries to be a peacemaker amongst his companions.
Warm towards others, especially his dearest companions. He is easily trusting of new acquaintances.
Comportment: Formal and business-like. A man of action.
Disclosure: He is not afraid to get personal, but he is not skilled at it. He internalizes a lot of his love and care for his companions and is slower at verbalizing it than he wishes he were.
Conformity: He conforms to what he has learned of the Nameless One, the Temple and his responsibilities to it and the Empire.
Sense of Humor: Quiet and reserved. He can appreciate moments of levity, but he is not a joke-maker or a teaser.
Magic: He is distrustful of most arcane magic, mostly because of the unknown founts of power. If it can be traced to an influence of the Nameless One, he is happy to wield it and thankful for its power and existence.
Nature: Asa loves the natural world, animals and the land as springing from the grace of the Lord. But he understands that evil exists there and it is not purely innocent and uncorrupted.
Military: Willing to use his skills and might to the benefit of the Empire, but not afraid to distrust those with what he believes to be ulterior motives.
Politics: Asa is less interested in the political machinations of the Empire, but he understands much evil springs from those hungry for power. He is content to support those who work towards lasting peace throughout the realm.
Other races: Accepting.

Asa Murica

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