Radra Inanua

Himmelveil Noble, Follower of Asa


Radra Inanua is a human, female, resident and noble of Himmelveil. Inspired by the exploits of the Heroes of Himmelveil, she was one of the first to take up the causes of the heroes amongst the nobles, encouraging them for recognition. She is an ardent follower of the Nameless One, and has become more devout following the Battle of Himmelveil and the recognition thereupon bestowed to Asa. She worked hand-in-hand with the Elders at the Temple to spread the word and request dispensations from the Empress. She uses her place within elite Himmelveil society to do the same. She has requested audience with Asa in the past, though he rebuffed such offers as he believed them to be self-promoting. She often uses her contact within the government, Gulin Votai, to sway uncertain votes.

Radra is married, but her husband, Ward Inanua, is less enthusiastic and more set upon his own political machinations rather than promoting the standing of the church.

Level 6 Follower

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Radra Inanua

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