Robin Goodfellow


A somewhat mischievous friend and noble of Oberon’s court.
Friend of Galon
Father of Syen
Father of Celebruscien

Thought to have been dead, he returned when the Aethiriel’s powers were restored. Taking the place of the party’s butler under the identity of Jacques Snow, he teased and taunted them until confronted: where he revealed himself to them as Robin Goodfellow, a result Natasha and Galon had come to suspect.

A known shape-shifter, and the boundaries/nature of his Aethiriel powers are unknown. Oberon once commented that he thought Robin was the most powerful of them all, but Robin just laughed.

Last Seen: Serving dinner to the ungrateful.


Title(s): Lord
Race: Elf (Aethiriel)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

Affiliation(s): Avalon, Oberon’s Court, Companions of Himmel, Heroes of Himmel.
Occupation: Mischief maker.
Known Associates: Oberon.


History: Was part of Oberon’s retinue when Himmel came to them.

Robin Goodfellow

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