Tam D'Ockrum

Devil of Himmelveil


As Tam D’ockrum he works tirelessly to speak out against injustice in the courts of Himmelveil.

As the Devil of Himmelveil he does more than just speak.


Born in the slums of Himmelveil, Tam D’Ockrum knew what it was to be poor. His mother passed when he was very young, and it was left to he and his father to find a means to support themselves in that harsh, unforgiving environment. He knew that nothing was going to be handed to him and his father instilled the need to work hard to get what he wanted in life. When Tam was 10 he worked in town for a local alchemist cleaning his workshop. Tam was carelessly cleaning one day causing an accidental spill of a concoction in the workshop rendering him blind. Little did he know at the time how this horrible accident would go on to alter his future.

With Tam incapacitated, his father was forced to seek employment with the thieves’ guild as his only option to support their family. His father struggled to keep this secret from him, as he always stressed honest work, but times were desperate. His father’s work put him in league with a very nefarious group, and his reluctance raised the ire of the head of the thieves’ guild, and he thus signed his own death warrant.

One morning, when his father was about to leave for the market, an explosion rocked their small hovel brutally murdering Tam’s father and leaving him barely alive in the rubble.
Orphaned, Tam was taken in by a local monastery, and trained in their martial arts to use his disability to his advantage.

With the monk’s tutelage, his other senses began to heighten without his sight, and in time his clouded vision gradually led to a blind sight ability allowing him to see in a sense at short distances, as well as allowing him a heightened perception of the world around him. The monks attributed this to the chemicals he was exposed to that caused his blindness.

During his stay at the monastery, Tam became consumed with a desire for retribution for his father’s murder. He asked the monks to train him to fight using his new found abilities. He decided to pursue the study of law and began work as a Speaker within Himmelveil’s justice system. He found a deep satisfaction in helping the less fortunate, becoming a voice for the voiceless. The impoverished souls he was surrounded by in his youth. He quickly discovered that those behind his father’s murder were deeply entrenched in the political workings of Himmelveil, leaving them virtually untouchable via the mandate of the law.
Tam knew he had to find other means to bring his father’s murderer to justice. A brand of justice that he felt was up to him and him alone to deliver.

Donning a mask, and a pair of tonfas, Tam turned to a life of Vigilantism. Seeking to clean up the corruption and crime in the city starting at the bottom, from the slums where he spent his childhood. Instead of waiting for the magistrates in their high towers to take any action or to even turn their attention to the poor and unfortunate who are otherwise swept to the wayside. To the criminals he has brought to justice, he became known as The Devil of Himmelveil, hunting them down like a predator in the night. To those he protects, he is their guardian angel.

Tam D'Ockrum

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