Vaughn Baldrick

Steward at the Manor, follower of Asa


Vaughn Baldrick is a junior Steward at the Heroes’ Manor in Himmelveil. He is the son of the nephew of the manor’s senior Steward, Atwood Baines. He doesn’t yet know the fortune which he’s found to be placed in such a home at such a young age. The renown of the Heroes awes him and he often stutters when asked direct questions. Atwood hasn’t yet placed heavy responsibilities upon him, but he’s learning. Uncle Atwood often points out Asa Murica to Vaughn as someone to imitate in “bearing” and “morality.” Vaughn isn’t sure about all that. He just thinks Asa’s shiny armor and glowing sword are pretty cool.

Level 2 Follower

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Vaughn Baldrick

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