Visir Kez

Merchant Guard, Security, Winterbridge, follower of Asa


Visir Kez is a security guard and hired hand in Winterbridge. He was conscripted into General Talabod’s army during the Siege of Winterbridge during the War with Hydran. Visir’s was one of the few families to remain fairly unscathed during the invasion and occupation by Hydran. Luckily, they were outside the city attending Visir’s wedding to Jade Farro and evaded capture. (Also: sisters-in-law, Kalla and Drea Farro.) Visir had a first-hand look at Asa Murica and his companions destroying the demonic evil at the gates of Winterbridge when the Siege ultimately ended with victory over Hydran’s forces.

Level 2 Follower

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Visir Kez

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