Ygritte Blackfyre

The Empress


Ygritte is a human of small stature. She has red hair, and tends to dress in dark clothing if the situation doesn’t call for anything specific.


Raised as an assassin, Ygritte Blackfyre began training at a young age when she was given to the guild. She does not speak of her life before the guild.
Ygritte’s specialty is sneaking into places and not being seen. She favors two-handed weapons, most currently a double-chained kama.
Ygritte keeps much of her history secret, even from those she considers friends.
She had great success through a training program for the Assassins’ guild, becoming one of the highest marked initiates of that year. Success breeds jealousy, and she made a lifelong rival in the form of another initiate named Yelena.
Ygritte was partnered with an assassin from the brotherhood for a time, and the two worked as a team, carrying out missions across the empire. The partnership was ended, and she was sent back to the city.
After this time, her assignments were mainly in the city of Himmelveil itself. She crossed paths with the Wolf of the Empire, Clay, a few times. The wolf was sometimes assigned to the same target as Ygritte. It became a game for her. She often reached an assignment first, and left a cooling body in her wake.
Ygritte owed a dwarf named Krod a favor, though she was resentful of the very nature of it. Krod did as she asked, but the resulting dead end left her foul tempered. When Krod called in his favor, she was determined to be difficult. When he set her up with new companions, Ygritte bristled. She would rather work alone.
Though the companions were off to a rough start, they all eventually reached an understanding and mutual respect, if not exactly friendship. Ygritte sought to keep everyone at arm’s length, just in case the day ever came when one of them could be her assignment. It’s easier to kill acquaintances than friends. That point had been made explicitly clear to her. She did bond with the elf archer Natasha, though the two shared nothing of their histories.
Their missions continued, and she began to think of these people as her team, and not just companions. She finds some of their morals misguided, particularly Asa’s views on killing. But Ygritte is used to following orders and doing what is necessary to succeed, even if she doesn’t always agree with it.
After the Battle of Himmelveil, Ygritte was given the title Blade of Society.
The success of the Avengers of Himmelveil is a blessing and a curse for Ygritte. She has new status among the guild, being both respected and envied. However, this also makes her assignments more dangerous, as she has a greater chance of being recognized. It is a risk the guild is willing to take for the standing her involvement with the team brings them.
That is until the guild fell. Ygritte was the sole survivor of the Night of Long Knives. She fought Yelena and Rhaisgoulin with Dharrin, the head of the brotherhood, that night. Dharrin died, and Yelena and Rhaisgoulin escaped.
She has been experimenting more with poisons since Dharrin’s death, having inherited his book. The two assassins’ guild towers also now fall to her. Ygritte is the last loyal assassin alive in the empire.
Ygritte took a prominent role in the war against House Hydran. The fall of the guild made it personal, and she sought revenge. Yelena and Rhaisghoulin could not be allowed to win.
Witnessing the atrocities of House Hydran first hand also made Ygritte more sympathetic to those suffering. She made sure that refugees they encountered made it to safety.
The battle in the Shrine of Stefan was a grim reminder that the greed of Hydran had no limits. Though Ygritte shook off her own near death rather well, her encounter with the Skull left a lasting impression.
She was suspicious of strangers, particularly after being so thoroughly betrayed by her own guild. When Vondarra joined the party, she was cautious. Still, she hadn’t expected the level of betrayal to go quite that deep, nearly costing she and Natasha their lives. It was only Asa’s words that kept there from being any bloodshed. Vondarra claimed mind control. Ygritte was suspicious. She had seen the Skull control Irec, but surely a sorceress could better defend herself. Still, the concept was unsettling.
They moved on to the necropolis, stopping the necromancers and destroying many of their undead army. This allowed them to move on to Winterbridge and infiltrate the city while the military attacked the outer walls. Their involvement resulted in minimal loss of troops.
They met with the heads of the forces, discussing the next moves. Ostern was the stronghold of Hydran, and no news was coming out of it. Stealth was needed, and not everyone was suited for that. Ygritte, Natasha, Syen, Vondarra, and Quarion would undertake the mission. Ygritte was still a little wary of Vondarra, but she had been proving herself in each battle they had come across. They met with Wrath for supplies, and he added another member to their party in Caroline. Ygritte was aware that she may run into a few of her former associates when they infiltrated Ostern. She was not prepared for the one she did see, a walking a ghost. But Ygritte carried out the mission despite potential distractions. She even helped save some civilians. Though she second guessed her decision to not try to make contact.
They escaped Ostern unharmed and without discovery, reuniting with their friends in Avalon. Pewter was changed into Galon. Another change Ygritte would have to deal with. They regrouped, and set out to take down the heads of Hydran. Ygritte was able to save her old friend in the coming battles, though it nearly cost her life.
The rest of the battles with Hydran were a blur. But Ygritte was able to fulfill her wish and carried out the execution of Yelena herself.
After Hydran was defeated, the Empress name Ygritte her Left Hand, to work alongside the Wolf.
Ygritte is still uncomfortable with her new station, though she is quickly learning the benefits. She is working to rebuild the guild, though she will get rid of rules that are no longer useful.

Ygritte Blackfyre

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