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The Empire of Himmel

The Empire of Himmel was born of refugees, warriors, slaves, gods, blood, and toil over two thousand years ago. Himmel, leader of the free-peoples, led the armies of the righteous against the tyrannical rule of their dragon overlords. Defeating the dragon emperor Dastron, Himmel led his people North, across the tundra of Tor, to a land rich in resources, and free from the reach of the dragons.

There, Himmel and his followers built their empire. They raised walls to protect themselves, and encircled their lands with magic to prevent passage from their lands to others. Not all the lands within the walls were tamed at first, but for millennia there was peace, and prosperity, within the walls of Kuradun.

To the west lies the sea of Atlan, to the east the great river Sharrock, to the north a great uncharted Jungle Prestoria, and to the south the barren Winterlands of Tor. The great wall of Kuradun separates the uncharted and unknown wild lands from the lands of the empire, keeping citizens of the Empire in, and enemies of the empire out. Or at least, it did.

The capital city of Himmel is called Himmelveil, and it lies towards the center of the empire on a vast island within the in land sea of Dorril. The only road to and from the city crosses the great bridge of Kuradun. Himmelveil itself is an immense city containing the best life has to offer for the citizens of the empire – as well as acting as the political, economic, and social capital of the empire.

The Empire is made up of several kingdoms. Some of these kingdoms are regional, such as the kingdoms of Haven or Ostern. Others are racial, but have city-state holdings.

Regional Kingdoms

The Palm of Himmel: The central valley of the empire.

Haven: The western kingdom of the empire.

Ostern: The eastern kingdom of the empire.

Niador: The northern kingdom of the empire.

Greenwood: The southern kingdom of the empire.

Non-Regional Kingdoms

Ugrum – The kingdom of the orcs.

Kuradun – The kingdom of the dwarves.

Ashteron Magus – The kingdom of the mage-born.

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