Himmelveil's Mightiest Heroes

Chapter 2, Part 1

Fruhlar 3, 2013
Upon waking several members of the party discover that they have been moved while sleeping. The Nameless Priest, Mirren, and Natasha awake to find they’ve been locked in a jail. Their prison holds another prisoner, a halfling by the name of Riley. Soon after waking, they are joined by another halfling, Remus. Being the under boss of the thieve’s guild Remus explains that their friend Krod sold them out as the killers of the five enforcers he sent to collect money from Krod. Not being out for revenge, and only being interested in making a profit, Remus offered them a deal: They and those responsible would fight in five games, one for each thieve’s guild member they killed, held in his underground arena.

The party eventually agrees to repay their debt, and Riley their fellow prisoner takes the deal as well to wipe his slate clean with the guild. Their first game is that very day.

Winning their first battle they take the group name, the Avengers, and begin fighting in underground battles.

Fruhlar 4, 2013
The group finds Irec asleep in the stables of the Apple’s Bees with a human head tucked under his arm. The drunken Irec can’t remember the night before – but thinks that the head’s name is Jo.

Their second game a woman leaps from the stands – Yggrit – in disguise to aid them in their hour of need.

Fruhlar 5, 2013

Their third game is won when Riley manages to climb upon the back of a hydra and stab it through the base of the neck.

Fruhlar 6, 2013
Their fourth game is nearly lost against a powerful group of minotaurs, but the group pulls through with Priest spending his attention on getting the group back on their feet.



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