Himmelveil's Mightiest Heroes

Ygritte's Letters part III

One last hurrah

I knew my new role would change things. I think I was unprepared for the amount that would change so quickly. I am not even crowned yet, and there are things that I have not considered.
I needed a break, and knew the Q and A were assigned a task that could very well be a death sentences. I don’t think either would ask for help. Q would consider it a sign of weakness, in his arrogance believing he could kill the dragon himself. A wouldn’t want to endanger his friends.
I was not wrong in my assumptions.
A seemed horrified when I announced my intent to journey with them. Q acted indifferent but seemed secretly pleased. I also convinced them to seek more help, and Samwell and his roc joined our party. We set out for Drakonis, Robin helping us with the portal, deciding to contact a few acquaintances to see if we could enlist their help, or at least give us any leads.
The guardians seemed willing to adventure with us, with a promise of splitting the horde. At least, they did until Q’s spell revealed that we would not be heading to the island of the gold dragons, but instead to Demonsea. Elentur wished us well, but pleaded with us not to go. Demonsea is where the mad titan’s castle is. One of them, anyway.
From what we learned from Elentur, the Gold Dragons should not have moved against us. They had separated themselves from Drakonis. And yet, one had killed our empress, and another had acted as envoy when we went to meet with the silent king. We began to suspect they were being controlled, by either mundane means like threat of death, or magical means. I thought of the orb I carry, and what I had seen. At the time, I thought the room containing the orbs was in the dragon vault we had rescued A from. But if the Mad Titan has them, it changes everything.
We decided we needed more fire power.
A talked to Baldir and N, both more than willing to accompany us with the prospect of killing dragons. Robin tried one more time to talk us out of going, and then we set off, teleporting above the scarred and molten landscape of Demonsea.
The castle was enormous. We were like ants crawling in through the arrow slits. It was guarded by gigantic creatures, with flaming manes and ape like faces. Stealth would be our friend here. Though we did not take time to prepare, Q still had some invisibility spells for our companions. We slipped in to the castle undetected.
Our first goal was to retrieve the colored orbs of dragon kind. I had seen through one in possession that several of the others were being kept in a vault with white stone walls. None of the rooms in the place matched what I had seen. Which meant the titan was keeping them somewhere else, and would still have the power to control those dragons.
We found the dungeons. The guards there were inattentive, playing cards. That, more than anything, convinced me that that titan wasn’t here.
We approached the cell that Q’s spell had indicated contained our dragon. I opened the food slot and we peered inside. There were dozens of gold dragons, of various sizes, all being held prisoner. Our options for invisibility were limited. I could disappear again at will, but Q did not have many of those spells left. A and I entered the cell alone.
When we asked for the one who wore A’s face, the dragon stepped forward willingly, ready to accept punishment for his crimes. He told us of mind control, and being forced to do the mad titan’s bidding. Even N was moved.
The rest of the dragons spoke of similar circumstances and coercion. We decided to free all of the dragons in this cell, as well as anything that might be in the other cells. The chaos could help us escape, and nothing deserved to be under the control of a mad man.
I unlocked the door, as well as the first few down the hall. Q took care of another. On the fourth door, I felt my tool slip, let go of it quickly and back flipped out of the lock. Just in time. A magic cage surrounded the door, with phantom blades stabbing at the air where I had been.
The guards were alerted, and my friends set off to stop them while I moved to open the last few doors.
The metallic dragons imprisoned within joined our fight, helping to take down their captors. Baldir was injured in the fight. I could see madness overtake his eyes.
The fight ended quickly. Baldir was the only one injured. When N went to tend to him, he struck out at her, wounding her arm. A was able to remove the madness. Baldir looked shaken.
The dragons agreed to help us return to the city, and each of the metallic groups would send an envoy. We might not be able to trust them while the titan has the orbs, but the gesture is solid. They took human shape, and we returned outside of the city, away from where Rossinar was camped.
Rossinar. He is a problem that will need to be addressed. Sooner, I fear, then later.
And now I ask you to return to the city. Join me at court. I could use someone I trust with your years of experience.



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