Drea Farro

Divine Caster, Winterbridge, follower of Asa


Drea Farro is a divining caster in Winterbridge. She escaped capture at Winterbridge while attending the wedding of her sister Jade on the day of the Hydran invasion. (Also: sister Kalla and brother-in-law, Visir Kez.) She volunteered to assist with General Talabod’s armies during the Siege of WInterbridge, assisting mainly with mundane tasks like running errands, assisting with provisions, attending to the injured, and other non-combat duties. Drea aspired to a more active role as she only recently began training in divine casting, but the General saw through her appeals and kept her at a distance.

As an acolyte of divine magic, and obedient to the Nameless One she’d heard of the exploits of Asa Murica, especially his emergence from the Rebirth Chamber (though she couldn’t truly grasp its meaning). But she followed reports of his presence in the area and when he and his companions visited the General in his camp, she caught sight of him for the first time and witnessed his demeanor, bearing and stature. She knew she followed her correct course and doubled down on her commitment to the Nameless One with Asa Murica as her guide. Her family were adherents to the Nameless One as well, but as the Siege ended with Asa and his companions destroying the evil at the gates, she won them over to a fuller devotion.

Level 2 Follower

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Drea Farro

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